Lose Weight Without Suffering Doing These 6 Easy Things

Your Wellness is measured by a lot more than your weight. Good health is worth your weight in gold. Unfortunately, at some point it becomes quite clear that a lifetime of shortcuts you have taken with your health have finally caught up to you. All those years of long hours at the office, stress levels so high, your brain feels like it will explode, never enough sleep, pills for everything, too many ignored aches & pains, and oh yeah, never enough money. Just when you are at your limit, you pass by a mirror and notice how you look, OMG, could things get any worse? While you are reciting all the problems you have, & why none of them is your fault, you try to remember what it was like before. You know, before your job became your life and other than work, you have no life at all. dreamstimefree_sexy-waist

1. Your weight is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. If you want to lose weight, make your health a priority. Start by sleeping for 8 straight hours a night. Not only does the body need a time out to refresh & renew, you actually burn calories very efficiently when you sleep. Did you know that when you don’t get enough sleep, your body sends several messages to you. Are you listening? A message could be a headache, it could be thirst, or hunger, or an emotion like anger, fear or confusion. Out of frustration, not fully understanding what your body is telling you, you feel compelled to do something. Whatever is faster, or easier is usually the action that is taken, unfortunately with little consideration for any long term effects on your health.

2. Your body needs several different kinds of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, cell salts and nutrients to give you energy, & Lifetime Wellness. When you get a “craving”, it is your body telling you something your body needs is missing. In the search for that “something” you eat several things trying to fill that need. Give your body what it is craving for. It doesn’t matter if it is peanut butter, ice cream, pie or a hamburger. The sooner you satisfy this craving, you will feel better and you will not add unneeded calories. The idea that you are “giving in” when you satisfy the urge to eat something is outdated & ridiculous! It is your body telling your brain, please find a way to give me what I need!

3. You can lose weight by simply eating a variety of foods different than whatever you are currently eating. Permanent weight loss is about a lot more than calories, carbs, fats or any other gimmick called “diet”. Preservatives are the enemy. Take the time to seek out foods that have no or fewer preservatives. By including a change of menu, you accidentally get a different group of vitamins, minerals & trace elements. When your body lacks key nutrients to thrive, the message your body is trying to send you is to add these. Taking quality supplements from your local health food store increases the likely hood that your body will not be desperate for whatever vitamins that are lacking.

4. Write down every single thing that goes into your mouth. Be totally honest, include everything. You will be shocked that you eat so much food. More than you realize, a lot of eating is mindless, habitual or the easiest. If you are concerned about your lifetime wellness, consider making some changes. By simply recording your entire food & drink intake, you will pay more attention to what you eat & how much you eat. Awareness of your total consumption is the first step.

5. If you notice a fast trip to the kitchen to grab a bag of chips, candy bar or ice cream during commercials is a frequent event, you are probably packing on a few pounds you don’t need. Toning your muscles is partially a result of what you eat. There is something comforting about eating & watching TV. Plan ahead. Take a few minutes while you are in the kitchen making dinner and peel a few cucumbers, slice them and cut up a ripe tomato, mix them together with a little salt and your favorite dressing. Let them marinate in the refrigerator. Boil a few eggs, wash a bowl of bing cherries or an apple. Next time you are watching TV and want a quick snack, you’ll be ready.

6. Free yourself from “guilt”. Losing weight is more mental than you might think. If you make a conscience decision to eat something, just eat it. You should never recite all the reasons (excuses) for overeating. If you are still hungry, EAT. You should never “sneak eat”, or hide food. It is far important that you are mentally healthy than how much you weigh (within reason). Never lie to yourself about what or how much you eat. The best way to lose weight and permanently keep it off, is to make a decision to care about your Lifetime Wellness and change your eating and lifestyle to reflect good health.

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