The Rejuvenator Toning Table

Check out the new, streamlined features for The Rejuvenator 2019. Well supported for weight up to 450 lbs. The Pilates Wall allows the user to move easily and quickly from one position to the next, while the vibration is ongoing in the background.


The Rejuvenator Toning Table

The Rejuvenator resonates at various healing frequencies conducive to increasing bone density. The resultant harmonics stimulate certain pathways of the brain that allow for total relaxation and healing. The center of gravity is broken, as the individual lies supine. The individual experiencing the treatment relaxes as cells are excited throughout the entire body increasing blood circulation to the capillaries and increasing oxygen levels in the blood. The Rejuvenator allows an individual to eliminate specific targeted problem areas through the body’s neuroelectrical energy system pathways.

The upper body starting with the facial tissue, neck, forearms, biceps, triceps and chest as well as the abdominal muscles, inner thigh, calves and ankles are proportioned and balanced to an appropriate level based on physical health, medical limitations, age, weight, lifestyle and activity level of each individual. An individual achieves a sense of tranquility each time on Rejuvenator.

The Rejuvenator has been specifically developed as an integral part of the Anti Aging Lifetime Wellness System.

Aging is frequently associated with impaired balance, difficulty in maintaining a thought stream, loss of energy and often poor overall health.

Our unique Anti Aging Lifetime Wellness System offers an individual the opportunity to improve their overall health and wellness significantly.

Only one hour a week on the Rejuvenator will change everyone’s way of thinking. The structure of the body will look and feel better and yes, younger! With an increased energy level one should be able to reduce or eliminate some of the prescription medications taken, as the body and mind come together to synergistically to provide a new outlook on life because of our unique Anti Aging Lifetime Wellness System.

As the brain is being stimulated and simultaneously retrained to coordinate mental as well as physical activities, the individual leaves the one hour treatment totally rejuvenated!

While our Anti Aging Lifetime Wellness System is developed specifically to improve overall health and well- being, we realize that certain people with limitations such as diabetes or other blood sugar level problems, pain associated with arthritis, swelling associated with insufficient blood flow back to the heart, or edema, struggle to maintain a level of positive health. To that end, we have developed specific formulas to provide relief from these complications while erasing years of aging.

You can add the Rejuvenator to any exisiting business such as:

  • Wellness Center
  • Traditional Exercise Business
  • Massage Thearpy
  • Beauty Salon
  • Spa
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Reiki

The Rejuvenator is the active assistive exercise toning table at its very best. The Rejuvenator is the revolutionary 15 in 1 toning table. The Rejuvenator should be added to your business if it involves people wanting to exercise, needing more energy, leaning to relax, getting fit, being healthy, living longer, or having more strength and endurance

The Rejuvenator

Bio mechanical Stimulation is a proven technology dating back to the rehabilitation of astronauts by NASA. Target benefits include:

  1. Increases Bone Density 
  2. Strengthens CORE Abdominal Muscles
  3. Tightens Loose & Sagging Skin 
  4. Promotes Pregnancy into Mid 40’s
  5. Removes Inches from Waistline 
  6. Firms Flabby Inner Thighs 
  7. Tightens and Lifts Buttocks 
  8. Firms & Tones Muscles 
  9. Lifts and Firms Bust 
  10. Reduces Saddlebags from Upper Thighs 
  11. Firms Sagging Under Arm Areas, Triceps 
  12. Increases Whole Body Flexibility 
  13. Reduces Joint Pain 
  14. Provides Whole Body Continuous Vibration 
  15. Removes Excess Above Waistline “Love Handles” 

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