Super Cycle Toning Table

Super Cycle Toning Table

This machine operates by securing feet onto footplates that are joined to levers, moving the legs back and forth. The upper portion of the machine remains stationary. The patient lies supine with his/her feet resting on the footplates. Velcro straps secure the patients feet. Hips, knees, and ankles are initially positioned at an approximate 90 degree angle.

As the footplates move back and forth on the levers, the patients legs are extended to an approximate 30-45 degree angle. Grab-bars are located on each side of the machine to help maintain the upper body position.

The Super Cycle aids in hip and knee flexion. A therapist may be needed to assist the patient by helping to keep his/her knees from adducting together. A variable speed control mechanism allows the therapist a selection in the number of revolutions the patient will experience per minute. The speed can be reduced to as low as one RPM.


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