History of the Original Toning Tables

History can be repeated!

Hi. My name is Kathy Pihlaja. I am the inventor of “passive toning exercise machines”, also referred to as “toning tables”, and I’M BACK!

warehouse_lgIt looks like a lot of people have been out there buying counterfeit junk that is supposed to be mine. Some companies even pass off toning tables that are nearly 20 years old as “almost new” or “refurbished”, when in fact these toning tables have been sitting around in an old barn or other storage facility for years. People are being suckered into buying these old toning tables because they have been told they are buying the “Original Toning Tables”.

Don’t be fooled by smooth talking sales people. I am the original developer of the whole motorized exercise toning system and I have successfully defended my trade secrets in court against several companies that have tried to manufacture my toning tables. The companies who tried to steal my designs and innovations were ordered by the court to stop manufacturing. In order for them to manufacture exercise machines at all, by court order, they had to change the design of the toning tables they were making, significantly, so as not to be copying mine. These companies failed miserably trying to manufacture a product that was even close to my “Original Toning Tables”. People who bought these counterfeit toning tables and set up exercise salons, became very unhappy when their customers did not lose inches or firm up the way they should. Eventually, the customers were so dissatisfied, they quit coming in and the exercise salons went out of business.

I took a break from manufacturing these machines to pursue other interests, but now I am back because I couldn’t stand to sit by and watch people buy and be disappointed with the knock-offs that are in the market now. My “Original Toning Tables” DO work. They give the customers what they want. Yes, they do cost more, but that is because I have never taken any shortcuts or tried to cheapen my toning tables by using cheap, flimsy components. I only manufacture and sell new toning tables. I am proud of the quality of my toning tables.

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