About Us

KathyOur priority is the success of your new Toning Tables Exercise Business. We start by manufacturing your Toning Tables using our 30 years of experience, combined with cutting edge innovative solutions. We know the success of your business depends on the quality and effectiveness of the Toning Tables you buy for your business. Time is a commodity often overlooked when deciding on an exercise system. It is critical that your customers get actual results. Using our Original Toning Tables for 1 hour = 7 hours of doing any other exercise. Every person that has ever exercised using our machines has reported feeling exercised, relaxed, better, or more flexible after just one 1 hour treatment. The success of your business is also the success of your customers results.

When you buy Original Toning Tables from us, we include 3 days of detailed training at The Lifetime Wellness Center Training Center in Melbourne, Florida. Here, you will see all of the 10 toning tables, The Rejuvenator, 2 styles of the Magic Massage Chair, the infrared sauna, and the Cardio Hop, all set up in a salon environment. It is highly recommended you come to Florida for training before you sign a lease for your new business. Finding the perfect location with a floor plan most suitable for operating your new successful toning tables business is easy after you see how you can best utilize space.

Training includes all aspects of operating your new successful Toning Tables business, including all the safe and effective ways to position and use each machine to get maximum results. This is a “word of mouth” business. Traditional advertising is a total waste of money. We will show you several ways to develop a strong, sustainable customer base without spending a lot. At the root of success for your new toning tables business must be a pure desire to help people achieve better health and a better quality of longevity. These Original Toning Tables are the only machines listed by the FDA as class ll medical devices. We are not a franchise. These machines have been successfully used in several medical and quasi-medical settings such as physical therapy and chiropractic clinics.

I originally invented these machines to help me easily exercise, lose weight and reshape my body after the birth of my daughter. The result was realizing thousands and thousands of women also have this problem. These machines are here to bridge the gap from the dislike, avoidance and pain of traditional exercise to the ease and effectiveness of getting fast results from using these toning tables.

My intention is to make the use of these toning tables available to the masses.

This is a fantastic business for anyone with a sincere desire to help people.