How It Works

Thank you for your interest in Lifetime Wellness Centers,
the #1 Exercise System in the World!

One hour on The Original Toning Tables = 7 hours of any traditional exercise!

How Do They Work?

Using a combination of Isometric and Physical Therapy exercise movements in a particular range of motion and level of intensity, our machines have a mechanical advantage to deliver immediate results without pain or stress to the joints.

What is THE BEST SYSTEM to have a successful business?

We manufacture 10 different machines.

5 Machines are a stand alone successful business (package A- first 5 machines).
5 of our machines is all it takes to accomplish optimum benefits.
10 Machines Option (package B) allows the individual to have 5 different machines to choose from and allows the salon owner to accommodate 10 people per hour.

5 machines need to be used for 10 minutes each, during both of the weekly sessions.

Reducing the time to accommodate a 6th or 7th machine reduces the overall effectiveness and causes muscle fatigue. 5 machines is THE perfect business model.

Please remember we are The Original Toning Tables Manufacturer. We can make & sell any number of machines you want, HOWEVER, we want you to be successful so we want you know 5 machines is the perfect number in a set.

Why buy our machines?

  • 3 days of intensive one on one training – A total commitment to your success
  • Quality workmanship – precision machining –maintenance free
  • Industrial motors and gear boxes – no machine down time
  • Powder coated frames – long lasting durability
  • Highest quality upholstery – looks great after thousands of hours
  • Therapeutic foam – supports customer’s spine and back
  • Cabinet grade wood – eliminates squeaking and friction
  • 3 Year Warranty

What is the price?

Package A – Please call 321-693-8698

First 5 machines includes:

  1. Sandbag Machine
  2. Waist – Tummy – Hips Machine
  3. Leg Machine
  4. Stretch Machine
  5. Vibrator Machine

Package B – Please call 321-693-8698

All 5 of the machines in Package “A” PLUS these 5 additional machines:

  1. Body Bender Machine
  2. Super Cycle Machine
  3. Arms / Chest Machine
  4. Side to Side Machine
  5. Facial Unit / Vibrator Machine

***We manufacture and sell new machines not to be confused with “refurbished” (kept in someone’s barn for 10 years, black spray can paint over all internal parts, and re-upholstered)

All pricing is based on the electrical system of the USA, which is 110 volt, 60 cycle. If there are any changes needed, there is an additional charge. It is usually easier for you to buy an electrical convertor.

In addition to The 10 Original Toning Tables Exercise System, we manufacture The Rejuvenator, 2 styles of The Magic Massage Chair and The Cardio Hop.

Thank you for your interest in the best exercise system in the world!