Toning Tables, Toning Beds

Lifetime Wellness Centers manufactures the only true Original Toning Tables Exercise Machines. Invented in 1979 by the owner while she looking for a solution for her over weight, out of shape body lead to the numerous inventions and manufacture of the 10 unique machines currently being manufactured today. Combing physical therapy and isometric exercise movements, you exercise at your own pace, increasing your muscle participation as you progress. The Original Toning Tables Exercise Machines are not passive. It is the unique combination of motorized movement and ease of use, with your muscle stretching and flexing that provides the secret to the success of the Original Toning Tables Exercise Machines.

Owning your own Lifetime Wellness Center is the answer you have been looking for. Control your future. Change your life. Owning your own business is a bold move. Lifetime Wellness Centers is here to help you in every aspect of owning your own successful Toning Tables Exercise Business. Finding the right location, getting the best financing solution, setting up your business using optimum space utilization, designing the best brochure, developing an effective marketing plan proving you DO NOT NEED TYPICAL ADVERTISING, Training in the proper positioning and multiple positions on each machine to maximize customer benefits are just a few of the benefits you can expect when buying your Original Toning Tables Exercise Machines manufactured by Lifetime Wellness Centers, Inc.

Lifetime Wellness Centers manufactures 10 completely different Original Toning Tables Exercise Machines, 2 different styles of motorized and vending style Magic Massage Chairs and 1 Cardio Hop. We will help you decide what is the best purchasing decision for your needs and your location. After 30 years of manufacturing, Selling and Training thousands of people throughout the world to open successful Toning Tables Exercise Machines Businesses, it is fair to say we have a clear understanding of what your customer wants and what to do to have a successful business. It is all about RESULTS. When your customers, lose inches, drop clothes sizes, have a lot more energy, stamina, endurance, look & feel 10 years younger with their firm & tight bodies, they will continue to come to your business for years to come to maintain their wonderful new zest for life.

5 machines is a great stand alone business. We recommend the machine found in Package A.

10 machines is the perfect business for a larger area with a higher population. We recommend the machines found in Package B.

This is not a franchise. You can buy 1 or more machines for your home or to add to an existing business. For the most “inch loss” it is recommended that every customer go on 5 different machines for 10 minutes each. Customers achieve maximum benefits without getting muscle fatigue. The most successful stand alone businesses, buy in groupings of 5 machines. We will help you decide which 5 machine grouping is the best for your situation.

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