My Story

I had a serious weight problem. I tried going to traditional exercise salons to no avail. The equipment was too hard for me. I did not have the strength to pull, push or whatever else I was supposed to do. I knew I had to exercise in order to lose the weight but there was just no way I could endure that kind of strenuous workout considering my medical history.

When I was young girl I became very ill with a strange combination of problems: polio, childhood arthritis, epilepsy, early onset of multiple sclerosis combined with seizures and severe stomach problems. The result was living in a hospital for over 1 year in the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester while dozens of doctors poked, prodded, examined, x-rayed, did numerous “exploratory surgeries” and took gallons of blood to test. Of course they generously gave me back hundreds of blood transfusions to make up for it. Both arms were always occupied, one with a blood transfusion and the other some sort of IV drip. A good part of 2 years were spent totally bedridden except for my trips to be tested for something or to the physical therapist. I put every ounce of energy I had into my physical therapy routines. I was on heavy doses of cortisone to the point that by age 12, I was addicted to cortisone. I was very weak and had little muscle strength. If you wrapped my fingers around a glass, it would soon slip to the floor as I was not able to maintain enough strength to hold it. I could not walk and was therefore slumped over in a wheelchair. It was the most horrible, terrifying time of my life. My family lived 2 hours away. My father had to work, and my mother had 3 other kids to take care of besides me. My mother stayed with me when she could but of course she had to take care of the rest of the family too. I took on the mind set of an adult. I learned the medical lingo and listened to every word that was said. They said I would probably never be “normal” , and in all likelihood my body would not be able to withstand the continued trauma of the grand mal seizures very much longer. The doctors finally decided there were some radical surgeries they could try but offered no guarantees. The surgeries were successful but it was the years of physical therapy that got me “back on my feet.”light-particles-rotating-infinity

I have always believed that physical therapy was the key to rebuilding my strength and allowing me to be a healthy, well person. When I was struggling with my weight problem, I kept remembering all the specific range of motion exercises I did in physical therapy. Doing the “back leg lift” while holding onto a chair for balance, I started thinking about how much easier it would be if there was an offset, a place for the other leg to go, so there would not be so much stress on the lower back. It took 2 years for me to develop 5 motorized exercise machines that took every part of the body through incredible range of motion exercises that effectively strengthened the body and toned the muscles, which resulted in significant inch loss. I approached physical therapists, chiropractors and even a sports medicine physician for advice. These machines were so radically different from anything else on the market, I was able to get 5 patents on them. Later I received 4 additional patents for other machines I invented.

After countless modifications and adjustments, I made 2 sets of 5 machines for a salon I opened for myself. It didn’t take long before it was full of customers so I added 1 more set of 5 machines. Soon after that one of my customers decided she wanted me to make 2 sets of machines for her so she could start a business of her own. After that it snowballed. I woke up one day and realized I was in the manufacturing business! I did not set out to become a manufacturer, things just evolved. Originally I was just trying to solve my own weight problem.

To the best of my knowledge I am the only woman in Brevard County, Florida who has earned a living for the past 18 years inventing and manufacturing various products. After reading my story, you can see that I am the inventor and original manufacturer of these machines. I guarantee that when you buy from me, you are buying the best.