Is Life Really This Hard Or Am I Making It This Difficult?

Every day it seems like there are more problems, fewer solutions, less money and more stress. Keeping a positive attitude is not easy when you are on the “lack” side of things. Pessimists always get a bad rap. Is that because what they say is too hard to hear? There is a fine line between the reality of “what is” and a pessimist giving an opinion. An optimist may make you feel better for the moment, however, after that moment passes, you have to deal with the present. 480px-torture-_level_sisyphus_large

I do believe “manifesting” is viable. It is definitely easier to practice virtually any positive activity while things are going your way. It is easier to give money when you have plenty of it. It is easier to give advice after you are successful. It is easier to talk about weight control after you have accomplished great weight loss. My applause are saved for the brave few that venture out to share when they have not yet aspired to their greatest height. The risk they take is criticism for speaking without a podium and self doubt.

One of the biggest problems I frequently see is the fear that is created by worrying in advance of a situation. All of the “what if scenario’s” rolled into a big ball. The more they spin around the fear, the bigger the fear ball becomes. It is physically impossible to cross a bridge until you get to the bridge, yet hours are spent in anguish, worrying about a future event, demanding every possible variable and combination of variables be mentally played out, fretting every possible outcome, before there is a problem. Since that is 100% impossible, all the time and energy given to this endeavor is truly wasted.

For the sake of your health, both mental and physical, stop everything fear based. No decision can be made while you are surrounded by fear. Without the ability to make a decision, no action can be taken. Without any action, you are frozen in time, rendered immobile How long can you stay this way? Some people spend their entire life living in this constant state of fear rather than coming to terms with it. No matter what actually happens, nothing is ever as bad as imagined.

To overcome FEAR, do the following 3 things:

1. Make a list of your biggest fears, cross off all but the 3 things you fear most.

2. What is THE WORST thing that could happen to you if ANY of these 3 fears came true?

3. What is the BEST thing that could happen if NONE of these fears come about?

Now ask yourself, What do you really have to lose? Is it worth taking a chance of failure to achieve success?

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