Anti Aging Lifetime Wellness System

We are entering a new era of health and wellness. Money is no longer the most important thing we desire to achieve. We are seeing how people have lost their life long careers and jobs and are still surviving. Families are binding together to help each other. Total strangers are reaching out to each other. Wellness and inner peace are emerging in this new era of prosperity. The placement of happiness and health are high on the list of priorities. There is an acute realization without these assets, money doesn’t mean much and it doesn’t help either.

For centuries people have believed in and relied solely on the medical profession for their health and wellness. Taking whatever drugs the physician prescribed and doing whatever the doctor instructed without question is a thing of the past. Today there is a personal empowerment emerging. People are asking questions, refusing to blindly take prescription drugs without knowing the side effects and asking about alternative approaches. People are taking responsibility for their own health, wellness and sense of well being. In doing so, we have discovered we often do better without all the medications and accompanying side effects. We are reaching out to nature for alternatives. Ridding our bodies of years of accumulated toxins stored in the body as a result of consumption of multiple prescription medications, terrible eating behavior, lack of sleep, stress beyond measure and constant worry is necessary to ensure a longer life.picnic-older

The definition of a DIET has a new meaning, it no longer stands for DIE-AT-IT. Diet now means changing your thinking and attitude about what your body consumes, to an entire lifestyle that includes food that nourishes your body and is easier to digest. We are learning that a healthy weight can be accomplishment by eating healthier foods. Foods without chemical additives, artificial flavors or colors and certainly no hormones actually make it easier to lose weight because your body is getting the nutrients it needs and feels full and satisfied, so there is no reason to overeat.

Learning to quiet your mind, totally relax from the inside out, without drugs or alcohol is something we show you with our Anti Aging Lifetime Wellness System. Stress causes disease, pain, depression and a host of other health problems.

Why is there such a prevalence of cancer and diabetes? What is the origin of these diseases? Why is there no cure for them? This is a cure for these and many other diseases that have overtaken our world like an ongoing plague with no end in sight. The answer is simple. It is called Natural Living. I said simple, not easy. It means making your health and wellness your #1 priority if you want to enjoy longevity. It means making a conscious decision to buy products that go into or on our bodies that do not hurt us. These products are harder to find and often cost more, so they are by passed on the shelf in favor of something cheaper. Because only a tiny percentage of the population has developed the awareness that many currently, easily available products are not healthy, they cost more. This tiny percentage of the population have already prioritized their health to #1 position over everything else. Price is always determined by supply and demand. If the percentage of the population demanding healthy products was greater the percentage of healthy products would be greater and at more economical prices. We have allowed what is available and cheap to make decisions as to how we live.

As Baby Boomers are reaching for longevity, there is a big change in the air. One by one Baby Boomers are restating their priorities and reevaluating choices they are making to ensure happy, energetic longevity that includes living healthy and independent years in their own homes because they are healthy and well enough to do so. Instead of focusing on or worrying about living in a nursing home or spending their last years in despair and isolation, there is a realization that it makes a lot more sense to change NOW to have a better feeling, quality of life. Our Anti Aging Lifetime Wellness System offers a variety of alternative health and wellness programs ranging from healing lights, a soothing wall of water, memory improvement and concentration, visual stimulation and eye muscle strengthening, to the Rejuvenator Machine which exercises virtually every muscle in your body while providing the healing benefits of gentle vibration proven to increase bone density.

If you stop buying 3 pieces of cheap, synthetic clothes imported from a country that probably still uses formaldyade or other chemicals to manufacture and buy 1 piece of all natural fabric you would be healthier. Your skin could breathe. If you eat food that is healthier you would find you do not feel the need to eat as much. The way the human body interprets and utilizes the food and drink you give it determines the bodies ability to metabolize and regenerate cells. All foods and diet drinks with artificial ingredients, hormones or chemical additives are not accepted by the human body as the nourishment it is seeking and therefore does not satisfy it, so you keep eating and over eating and consequently you gain weight. Because you are now bloated and your digestive system is overwhelmed with poisons, it takes all of your energy to do dished and go plop on the couch so your body can digest this mess. You have no energy left to anything except watch mindless TV.

Let’s analyze this…

1. You have saved some money by buying cheap, synthetic clothes that touch your skin 24 hours a day. You develop itches and rashes, forcing you to seek a remedy whether it is an over the counter topical cream or a visit to a specialist such as a dermatologist and you ask…What’s Wrong?

2. You saved some money by buying cheap food loaded with chemicals, additives, hormones and artificial ingredients. You had to eat a lot more to full full so that cost more money. You gain weight, you have no energy, you feel terrible. You go to your doctor and ask…What’s Wrong?

3. You take the prescription medications you were given and now you feel even worse. You are experiencing pain, can’t sleep, and feel depressed. More doctor visits, tests, lots of tests, MRI, CAT Scan, blood work, PET Scan, etc. All this costs money, lots of money and your time. There are no explanations or answers when you ask…What’s Wrong?

4. You wash your hair with a mixture of artificial dyes, chemicals and fragrances. Your hair can’t hold up under such torture, so it becomes brittle, breaks off and looks horrible. You buy special conditioners and shampoos loaded with artificial dyes trying desperately to salvage your hair. It doesn’t work. You are forced to wear your hair much shorter than you would like, but at this point there is no choice. You go to the beauty shop and ask…What’s Wrong?

5. You take a shower at least once a day using soap loaded with chemicals, softeners, artificial dyes and artificial colors and apply body lotions equally toxic. The daily shower further jeopardizes your health by compounding the hair / body lotion body poisoning because you are repeating this toxic cycle. The more chemicals you consume, wear or apply to your body, the more poisonous toxins are accumulating. As your cells breathe and attempt to survive the continued abuse you do to it, your sweat Smells Bad. If you did not eat poison, wear synthetic clothes and drown your body in chemical additives, your body would not stink, you could wear an outfit more than once before it needed to be washed.

It occurs to me that all of these issues are directly related to an increasing worldwide health crisis. There is only one way to correct this. Every person must take individual responsibility for their own health and wellness and that means making changes starting right now.

Start reading and getting educated about what you eat, Read the labels and buy foods, and other products without additives. Drink filtered water to help flush toxins from your body. Start an actual exercise program. Walking is just not enough. If walking worked, every woman at the mall would look great and you they don’t. Take responsibility for your longevity.

My name is Kathy Pihlaja. I am an inventor and manufacturer of health related products and systems distributed throughout the world. Anti Aging Lifetime Wellness System, Inc. is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida. With over 20 years of experience designing, manufacturing and implementing health models throughout the country, I am excited to announce my newest invention, The Rejuvenator as a part of the Anti Aging Lifetime Wellness System. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota and a Master’s degree from Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois. I have numerous published patents on several of the health products I have invented. My focus has been on helping people become healthy for the past 25 years. Some of my inventions have been sold as business opportunities, hence I have helped people achieve financial success as well.


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