Toning Tables Training

Training for the Toning Tables is available at the National Lifetime Wellness Centers Training Center located in Melbourne, Florida for 1 day, 2 days or 3 days depending on your situation. Training is available on the weekends for your convenience. All training is scheduled by appointment only.

If you already have a salon location and have been using the toning tables but you want to learn how to operate a successful business, 1 day of training at the National Lifetime Wellness Centers Training Center is sufficient. 2 days of training allows a more in depth approach and is recommended for most people. If you have never worked outside the home, this is your first business or you have not selected a location for your toning tables business, 3 days of training is recommended.

Toning Tables Training is very comprehensive and covers all aspects of operating a successful business:

  1. How to properly position customers on each machine. There are a lot of goofy positions that people have made up because they were never properly trained. These positions do not work and some of them are dangerous. During training you will learn the positions that really work and why they work so you can understand and feel comfortable explaining them to your customers.
  2. What each toning table actually does to help your customers achieve maximum inch loss and other benefits.
  3. How to market your business at the lowest cost with the best results.
  4. How to maximize the # of customers you can accommodate each hour.
  5. How to best utilize the space you have available.
  6. How to keep your customers once you have them.
  7. What vitamin supplements will fly off your shelf and how to buy them at wholesale prices.
  8. How to handle the business aspects of your salon and what you really need. (You do not need a computer).
  9. Training is “hands on”. There is a step by step system proven over a 30year history that really works. This system costs you nothing, It will show you how easy it is to run a successful toning table business.
  10. How to keep the flow of customers going smoothly with no one waiting to use the toning tables.
  11. How to handle the customers concerns, safety precautions and health issues.
  12. How to help your customers lose weight easily, safely and cost effectively.
  13. How to transition the customer that comes in to try out the toning tables for the 1st free trial visit into a long tern satisfied customer.
  14. How to weigh and measure customers accurately.
  15. How to manage your employees/ benefits.
  16. How to create interest and awareness of your toning table business.
  17. Training includes a Set-Up and Training Manual and an official Training Certificate for each person that received training.
  18. At the end of your training you will feel ready and prepared to operate a successful toning table business.

3 Options for Comprehensive Toning Tables Training:

Training is FREE at the National Lifetime Wellness Centers Training Center located in Melbourne, Florida if you purchase Package A or Package B from us.
2. $2,500
Training of 1, 2 or 3 days is available for $2,500 at the National Lifetime Wellness Centers Training Center located in Melbourne, Florida.
3. Per Diem Plus Costs
Training of 2 or 3 days is available at your business location. The cost depends on your location.

Call to schedule your Toning Table Training 1-321-693-8698