Cardio Hop

1 Free Cardio Hop w/ Purchase

Turns out jumping is a good thing after all. Remember as a kid jumping up and down on your bed until, of course, your mom caught you and made you stop? Science has now proven that jumping releases endorphins which create an energized, happy feeling. More blood and oxygen is pumped to the brain, stimulating brain cells, which may increase memory function, improve cognition and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

My newest invention is the “Cardio Hop”. The Cardio Hop is a mini trampoline surrounded by double safety rails to make it easy to keep your balance while bouncing up and down. The “invention” part of the Cardio Hop is the safety rails surrounding the mini trampoline. What makes the Cardio Hop superior to any other mini trampoline is the double safety rails that protect you from falling or losing your balance.

The Cardio Hop offers a gentle yet very effective way to get the cardio vascular exercise you need without trauma or stress to the knees or joints you often experience while jogging or running.

Start with the “Wellness Bounce”. The Wellness Bounce is a gently bouncing without your feet leaving the mat. With 1 hand resting on each side rail for comfort and stability, “step” by shifting your weight from 1 foot to the other while your feet do not leave the mat.

After you are comfortable using the “Wellness Bounce”, you can progress on to a more rigorous approach. Bounce up and down with both feet. Start where your feet do not leave the mat. As your energy and endurance increase progress until you bounce high enough for your feet to leave the mat a few inches. The higher you bounce the more benefits you achieve. Bouncing subjects your body to gravitational pulls ranging from 0 at the top of each bounce to 2-3 times the force of gravity at the bottom of each bounce depending on how high you bounce.

The Cardio Hop improves balance and coordination.

To introduce the Cardio Hop to the public we are giving 1 free Cardio Hop to anyone purchasing Package A or Package B of our Original Toning Tables. The 1st introduction of the Cardio Hop was shown on a TV clip of the Inventors Convention in Atlanta.

Increasing your cardio vascular activity is important. Protecting your joints, knees and ankles from stress is important too. With the Cardio Hop you get the cardio benefits without the joint stress. It is a win-win situation!!