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Lifetime Wellness Centers, Inc.

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The 10 Original Toning Tables System
Invented 1977 to 2013

Waist-Tummy-Hips Toning Table

Toning Table

Arm-Chest Toning Table

Toning Tables Package A  (5 Tables)

Toning Tables Package B  (10 Tables)

Rejuvenator Table  (15 in 1 Toning Table)
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Toning Tables (also known as Toning Beds), manufactured by Lifetime Wellness Centers, Inc., is a unique exercise system designed specifically for the person who wants to look and feel better but just can’t work up the energy to endure a traditional huff and puff exercise program. Every day we hear that we should exercise but the dread factor is so great there is always a good excuse to put off starting an exercise program.

The “Baby Boomer Population” really calls to attention the huge number of people who need to exercise but just don’t. Very few people have the willpower, health, energy or the appropriate amount of time each day to set aside for a traditional exercise program. With Toning Tables (also known as Toning Beds), now there is a proven, technological exercising breakthrough for people of all ages. Regardless of the lack of willpower, the dislike of strenuous exercise or the lack of time, both men and women, can and will shape up and feel better using our Toning Tables (also known as Toning Beds).

Anti Aging Lifetime Wellness System


Newest Invention 2013
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We are entering a new era of health and wellness. Money is no longer the most important thing we desire to achieve. We are seeing how people have lost their life long careers and jobs and are still surviving. Families are binding together to help each other. Total strangers are reaching out to each other. Wellness and inner peace are emerging in this new era of prosperity. The placement of happiness and health are high on the list of priorities. There is an acute realization without these assets, money doesn't mean much and it doesn’t help either.

For centuries people have believed in and relied solely on the medical profession for their health and wellness. Taking whatever drugs the physician prescribed and doing whatever the doctor instructed without question is a thing of the past. Today there is a personal empowerment emerging. People are asking questions, refusing to blindly take prescription drugs without knowing the side effects and asking about alternative approaches. People are taking responsibility for their own health, wellness and sense of well being. In doing so, we have discovered we often do better without all the medications and accompanying side effects. We are reaching out to nature for alternatives. Ridding our bodies of years of accumulated toxins stored in the body as a result of consumption of multiple prescription medications, terrible eating behavior, lack of sleep, stress beyond measure and constant worry is necessary to ensure a longer life.

Magic Massage Chair
Magic Massage Chair
Patented 2007
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Imagine sitting comfortably in a chair while your shoulders are deeply massaged providing a feeling of total relaxation. All the tension flows out of your body while you relax and enjoy your feet being gently vibrated. Two pads move back and forth across your shoulders. This gentle rocking motion on the neck, shoulders and back is soothing and relaxing, while the vibrating motion on the lower back and feet massages and rejuvenates! Four minutes on the Magic Massage Chair gives you an energetic and refreshed feeling and leaves you wanting more!
Cardio Hop
Check out the Cardio Hop!
Invention 2008
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Turns out jumping is a good thing after all. Remember as a kid jumping up and down on your bed until, of course, your mom caught you and made you stop? Science has now proven that jumping releases endorphins which create an energized, happy feeling. More blood and oxygen is pumped to the brain, stimulating brain cells, which may increase memory function, improve cognition and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

The Cardio Hop is a mini trampoline surrounded by double safety rails to make it easy to keep your balance while bouncing up and down. The “invention” part of the Cardio Hop is the safety rails surrounding the mini trampoline. What makes the Cardio Hop superior to any other mini trampoline is the double safety rails that protect you from falling or losing your balance.